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Next Concert, March 10, 2019 (Sunday)

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Christmas In Edmonds 2015

The dictionary defines a mosaic as “something made up of different things that together form a pattern.” In January of 2006, singers and instrumentalists from all over the greater Seattle area — from 10 denominations and 25 churches — came together to form a group called Mosaic Arts Northwest Choir and Orchestra. Since then the group has performed in churches and concert halls, in Arts Festivals and varied secular settings around the Pacific Northwest and as far away as Leon, Spain. Mosaic’s musical excellence and inspirational concerts create ongoing demand among musical audiences of all ages. Their repertoire includes gospel, classical, Americana, a cappella and patriotic music. Each song they perform comes alive with energy and sound.


2 thoughts on “Mosaic Choir and Orchestra Home

  1. I attend a performance yesterday at Edmonds Conference Center and was AMAZED! It was beautiful and AWESOME. I should not be surprised as I am usually awestruck at how well the beautiful voices melt and blend together to form a most cohesive harmony for the Lord. It is so UPLIFTING for my soul and I know others as well. Allan Skoog, you are a wonderful, heartfelt instrument of the Lord who truly allows the Lord God to work through him to allow the holy spirit to reach out to others. I know the entire choir reached out to me yesterday as I felt such love not only for myself but I am sure many in the audience. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to the Lord God and being an instrument of his. GOD BLESS ALL!
    Nancy GJS Crow +.

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