Concert Schedule

  1. May 8 – Northshore Community Church
  2. May 16 – Carlton Complex Recovery Benefit


Friday, May 8, 7:00pm

Northshore Community Church

$12 Tickets on sale starting April 8 on the Northshore site

Directions to purchase tickets: Go to the Event Page. Click “Register Online.” You will be asked to create an account. However, registering and purchasing tickets through the Northshore system does not register you in Northshsore’s database. The information will only be used to create reports for the Mosaic event, and to allow online payment. You will need to give the same information (name, e-mail address, password) that would be required if you are purchasing online tickets for any public venue.

Presented by 2nd Half Ministries

10301 NE 145th St. Kirkland, WA


Saturday, May 16, 4:00pm

Carlton Complex Recovery Benefit Concert

Memorial Park, Pateros, WA

Important: See gofundme page so you can help!

Carlton Complex – Firestorm 2014 – Long Term Recovery … A Long Road Ahead

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