Mosaic News

May 16, 2015
Pateras, WA – Rising from the Ashes. A benefit event for the Carlton Complex Recovery. The city’s Memorial Park hosted the Mosaic Choir and Orchestra, along with local musicians Laura Love and Brittany Jean on Saturday, May 16. Read more ->

March 21, 2015
OSO, WA – Oso Strong – 1 Year After. A benefit event for the Oso Fire Department and Fireman’s Association. Mosaic Choir was center stage at this event honoring the first responders and firemen who served and sacrificed for weeks and months following the disaster a year ago. In a time of healing and remembering, the choir performed patriotic and inspirational songs supporting a community event at the Rhodes River Ranch. Mosaic also sang background for two Oso resident solos – The Rose, and 16 Tons – both numbers being appreciated by the community members in attendance. Here is King 5’s report of the event: Benefit Concert ->

Feb 28, 2015
MILL CREEK — The people of North Creek Presbyterian Church didn’t experience the blazing fury that swept north-central Washington in July. They weren’t in the Okanogan County town of Pateros or nearby when hundreds of homes were incinerated. Their fruit trees and livelihoods weren’t damaged or destroyed by the largest wildfire in state history. Read more ->

Dec 6, 2014
EDMONDS, WA – Christmas in Edmonds. In a benefit concert for the Foundation for the Edmonds School District, Debby Domingo performs Ave Maria. Very Beautiful!

Watch the full choir and orchestra perform “Welcome Jesus Our Redeemer,” in the same concert.


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